Assessment of the Cumulative Effects of Multiple Stressors on Marine Mammals: Elephant Seals as a Model System

Principle Investigator: Daniel P. Costa (

co-Principle Investigators:

Daniel E. Crocker (
Sarah H. Peterson (
Josh T. Ackerman (
Birgitte McDonald (

Additional Personnel:

Rachel R. Holser (Assistant Researcher)
Arina Favilla (PhD Candidate)
Garrett Shipway (Graduate Student)
Daphne Shen (Graduate Student)
Amber Diluzio (Graduate Student)
Olivia Daniels (Graduate Student)
Tailyn Brown (Graduate Student)

Our team will integrate physiological and ecological approaches including immunology, toxicology, stress physiology, energetics, animal behavior, population biology, and life history theory to improve our understanding of the response of marine mammals to exposure from multiple stressors.

Experimental Design – We will examine a suite of health and foraging behavior metrics across four treatment groups and link those differences to survival and reproductive rates. This work will take four years to complete.


Tracking data from the 2022 post-breeding trip, color coded by experimental group.


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