It’s all about the wait…

Five hours in San Francisco airport.

Twenty two hours in Los Angeles.

Ten hours in Sydney.

Five days in Christchurch…

But I made it to McMurdo. Despite all the bumps that this trip has had, I am finally in McMurdo, ready to start field work. Wait… Nope. There’s the training!

Light vehicle training, medical training, waste disposal training, field safety training (including how to ride helicopters and survive in the sea ice), GPS class, environmental class, snow mobiles.

But we are finally ready! All training done, no more wait. Let’s go and find us some seals!

… Bad weather. Try another day. So, here’s a picture of a sunset in Antarctica, which is kind of cool

I will post soon (hopefully after confirming that these seals do exist), but in the meantime, here’s an explanation of why we are here


Rachel Holser

Rachel is a PhD student in the Costa Lab. Her research focuses on individual variability among elephant seals and looks at differences in foraging behavior, responses to climatic disturbance, and personality types.

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